ABOUT alterstudio

alterstudio architecture LLP of Austin, Texas focuses its attention on the relationship between the material facts of architecture and the social occasions it shelters and invites. The work is rooted in deep-seated virtues of architecture – generous space making, shrewd manipulation of day lighting, and meticulous attention to detail.

The Firm’s approach to sustainable design goes beyond logistical and mechanical elements, to create an architecture that is uplifting to its users and in harmony with its cultural context and natural surroundings. It views the creation of ecologically responsive design as a core value in its practice.

Widely recognized for its compelling designs and meticulous attention to detail, alterstudio architecture has won more than 100 design awards and has been regularly published regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2015, alterstudio received the Firm Achievement Award, the highest honor that AIA Austin can bestow on an architecture firm for outstanding contributions to the community, the profession, or for producing distinguished architecture. [read more]




  • AIA Austin Honor Award (2011)
  • AIA Austin Homes Tour (2011)
  • National Dream Home Award
  • [partial list]


  • "Hover Craft" - Design Edition // Austin Monthly Fall 2011 [read]
  • "Icy Blue" - 21 Cool Kitchens // Austin Monthly Summer 2014 [read]
  • Apartment Therapy - Home Theater
  • Houzz -multiple pages
  • [partial list]


Construction Completed in October 2010


  • alterstudio Architecture [Kevin Alter, Ernesto Cragnolino, Russell Krepart]
  • Owners

Landscape Architect

  • CoDesign [Catherine O'Connor]
  • Design Ecology [Scott Cummings]

Interior Design

  • Laura Carpenter (Santa Fe, NM)
  • Owners