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A Masterpiece by alterstudio

Scout Island Residence is an award-winning architectural masterpiece by alterstudio. Thoughtfully designed and carefully executed, this showcase residence is defined by exquisite details and extraordinary quality. The home has a subtle but distinguished presence within an established Austin hillside neighborhood. A private sanctuary to be experienced.

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Modern Inspiration

One of our all-time architectural favorites, this residence is warm and inviting. It presents a sense of “suspension”, both literally and figuratively. One is treated with deliberate “surprises”, as one casually strolls through the home. Strategically-placed windows offer beautifully-framed views of the home’s tranquil surroundings. Glass seamlessly integrates nature with the interior space. The owners embrace minimalist interiors with a calming palette, punctuated by the warm accent of custom wood paneling. Window walls, at the rear of the home, offer treetop views, as if one were suspended in nature.

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Inner Sanctuary

Harmonious balance of water, wood, metal & earth. The “life of the house” is directed inwards - a center courtyard framed by the two parallel wings that extend out into the hills.

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Waterfront off Lake Austin

Hassle-free boat ownership with exclusive deeded boat slip. Boat to County Line BBQ & Austin Country Club.

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Symmetry at Dusk

A transparent corridor, at the entryway, appears to be floating over a pair of reflecting pools. Welcoming symmetry draws the eyes toward this glass-encased “bridge”, the centerpiece that connects two “wings” of the residence.